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Joe Flacco thinks he¡¯s the NFL¡¯s best quarterbackBy Joe Flacco wont be satisfied until this unibrow namely more noteworthy than Anthony Davis. (AP)While negotiating with the of late and trying apt stamp the handle aboard a long-term extension as client that Flacco is one of the top five quarterbacks within the NFL. Linta acclimate the questionable method of Quarterback Wins Analysis apt tell his case, citing Flaccos 44-20 regular-season record as testimony One wonders equitable how many of those wins flacco would have posted without Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and one of the best overall teams surrounded the NFL,merenfl nike jerseys wholesalely we digress,for Flacco doesnt deficiency to listen it.When recently to rate himself surrounded the pantheon of NFL quarterbacks, Flacco put it right out there -- he thinks hes the very best.[ Related: ]Without a mistrust What do you expect me to say he queried. I assume everyone thinks theyre a top-five quarterback. I mean, I think Im the best. I dont think Im top-five, I think Im the best. I dont think Id be quite successful by my job whether I didnt feel that way I mean, cmon? Thats never really likewise tough of a question. But that doesnt mean that things are gonna work out that access It equitable means that thanfl jerseys cheapts the access it is thats the way I feel it namely and thats the access I feel it ought be.Flaccos also totally aboard board with the wholeQB wins thing, as youd anticipate him to be. After all its a bit easier to explain that you un-specifically?won a bunch of games that it namely to crash down characteristic anamolies. Example: In Flaccos four-year NFL career, the Ravens have won 11 regular-season and two postseason games among which their essence quarterback has failed to dart a touchdown pass. So,yes -- better for Joe Cool apt put the stats on the behind burner.I dunno,as people do put winning into the considerationew nfl nike jerseysn a lot of times, he said. It impartial happens apt not be with us. But hey, I wanna toss as 40 touchdowns a annual and I wanna dart for six,000 yards a yearly I actually do. And I wanna be given the ability to do that. ¡­ You know what kind of troop we need apt be is we need apt be a Super Bowl champion team And amid order apt get there, we need apt do the things that are gonna actually get us there.And hey, we might lose an alternatively two games for were being actually super combative,merely you know what? Thats whats gonna obtain us apt the Super Bowl. And thats whats gonna win it as us. And I admire winning, and Iwholesale jerseysm gonna continue to win not matter what my numbers are. I dont attention whether I throw as two,000 yards a anniversary I wanna throw as 5 alternatively six,000 yards a yearly for I think thats whats best as our teamIn the end,wholesale hats,although Flaccos chilly with the negotiating process; he knows that meantime he is improving as a quarterback, there also arent many better security blankets than Baltimore meantime youre having a erroneous daytime amid the atmosphere Its certainly a comely zone to be while Flacco continues the process of actually becoming as good-looking as he thinks he namely whether thats feasibdiscount nfl jerseysle.